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Although popular audio chat platforms Club house Today includes a way to share your upcoming hangouts and events on social media, resulting in the displayed link being quite boring. A new link-sharing tool Clublink Can help The tool allows hosts to better promote their events, providing a more customized social media preview with a photo, including room name, whose appearance, date, and time (the host’s time zone Using), and even the profile icons of the hosts themselves.

The tool was created by two market partners in Germany, the online marketer Jens Polamski And coders and digital marketers, Peter Thalikis.

Polamski says he came up with the idea last month as he saw the clubhouse link shared on Twitter and thought they just did not look good.

“I think many people shared – especially on Twitter – because the clubhouse has this inherent sharing feature,” he says. “But the preview image is not well optimized and lacks any relevant information.”

Polomski reached out to Thalikis and persuaded him to help her make a better version.

They result Clublink The tool is simple to use. You simply paste in your clubhouse event link on the club club website, and it automatically generates the clublink you use. For example, it is a similar process to URL shorters like

Image Credit: Clublink

In the case of ClubLink, however, it is doing little more than just returning a short URL. The toolhouse goes to the provided clubhouse link and takes screenshots to help build the image – but it is not scraping the clubhouse’s data, Polomski says. This tool also renames the image file created to include the host name for better search and perhaps for better search engine optimization in the future.

In fact, the SEO aspects of the ClubLink URL were considered when the tool was created, as its creators have a digital marketing background.

“We’re keeping in mind that the technical SEO backgrounds from Link are as good as possible – and this is some clubhouse, right now,” Polomski noted. However, he notes that it is too soon to tell how well those efforts have paid off, since the first ClubLink URL was launched only last week and only a few have been indexed by Google so far .

When you create a link on the ClubLink website, you are directed to a page where you have the option to share it instantly on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Being able to promote your rooms in advance is an important way to build a following on an audio-based social network, so many hosts will start keeping this new tool to use in the coming days.

Here is an example of a clublink action:

Of course, sharing a link is also useful when you’re in a room – especially if you’ve landed in a great room that you think others should be aware of. In its most recent update, the clubhouse noted that you can now click on the “+” sign while in the room to get a link that you can post on social media. Unfortunately, these “room” links do not yet work in the ClubLink tool, but the team said they are already discussing a solution for this.

ClubLink is now one of several smaller devices that have popped up in recent times to offer expanded functionality and new features for Clubhouse power users.

We have also visited the Club House Bio Creator, Which helps people to correct their profile bio on the desktop, then copy it to the clubhouse on their phone. Other popular tools help users to make their profile picture stand out, such as Club House Glow, Club House Avatar Maker, And TrotterCanva Template.