Chris Krebs and Alex Stamos have started a cyber consulting firm – TechCrunch

Former US cyber security officer Chris Krebs and former Facebook chief security officer Alex Stamos have set up a new cyber security consultancy firm, which already has its first client: Orion .

Both have been hired as consultants to help the Texas-based software manufacturer fix From a catastrophic violation By suspected Russian hackers who used the company’s software to set backrest in thousands of organizations and infiltrate at least 10 US federal agencies and several Fortune 500 businesses.

At least the Treasury, the state and the Department of Energy are confirmed to have been described as the most important espionage operations against the US government in years. And while the US government is already Blamed On Russia, the scale of infiltration is unlikely to be known for some time.

Was one of the crabs Most senior cyber security officer In the US government, most recently served as director of Homeland Security’s CISA Cyber ​​Security Advisory Agency, until he was fired by President Trump for his efforts to refute false electoral claims – many of which the president Came from himself. Stamos, meanwhile, joined Stanford Internet Observatory After holding senior cyber security positions on Facebook and Yahoo. She also Zoom Advised Between security issues.

In an interview with The Financial Times, Which broke the story, Krebs said that it could take years to get hackers out of the intruder system.

SolarWind CEO Sudhakar Ramakrishna accepts A blog post It has worked for consultants to help make the company transparent with “our clients, our government partners, and the general public about our security enhancements, both in the long term and the long term”.