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China government can regroup Ant group Trade, Tesla plans to launch in India next year and the FAA announces the need for a new ID for drones. This is your daily crunch for December 28, 2020.

Big story: China presents ‘reform’ plan for Ant Group

Less than two months ago, Chinese officials halted Ant Group’s planned IPO, payment and fintech company that exited Alibaba nearly a decade ago.

Now the government has Laid a plan How the Ant Group can become compliant and possibly go public, including a renewed focus on payments, obtaining the necessary licenses for its credit business, setting up a financial holding company, its many other business lines (Credit, insurance, money management) is included again. And increased compliance for its securities business.

Meanwhile, Chinese officials are Also checking alibaba On antitrust concerns. This rift is inspiring global investors Take off their chinese tech shares.

Tech giants

Tesla made India “early” early next year – Tesla would have started operating in India by early 2021.

Samsung has not yet announced the Galaxy S21, but you can reserve one in advance – If you are on the Samsung mobile mailing list, you may receive an email asking you to “be ready to jump to the next Galaxy.”

US Government Appeals Prohibition Against Its Ticketok Ban – Earlier this month, Judge Carl Nichols became the second US judge in Washington to stop the Commerce Department’s attempt to block the TeakTok app from downloading from American App Stores.

Startup, Funding and Venture Capital

Chinese online education app Zuoyebang raises $ 1.6B from investors including Alibaba – This year, the rivalry between China’s top online learning apps has intensified.

Indian startup raised $ 9.3B in 2020 – This is the first time since 2016 that startups in India have raised less than $ 10 billion in a year.

Equity Monday: No, Tech News does not stop over the holidays – Alex Wilhelm discusses the latest startup and venture capital headlines, including some stories from this newspaper.

Additional crisis advice and analysis

How Niantic Evolved Pokémon Go No one can go anywhere for years – Analysts estimate that 2020 was Pokémon Go’s highest-grossing year.

Four keys to international expansion – Levin Bunge visited Rocket Internet’s incubated companies more than a hundred times in an effort to internationalize.

2021 will be a quiet year for semiconductors and chips (excluding Intel) – Four trends to watch from VC funding of silicon startups to US-China trade.

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Everything else

New FAA rule requires remote ID for drones – Remote ID effectively serves as a type of digital license plate for unmanned aircraft.

Music made 2020 better, but we failed to improve 2020 for musicians – In a year where music was our lifeline, why didn’t we return the favor?

Original Content Podcast: “Mandalorian” season two has deepened into Star Wars mythology – “Mandalorian” completed its second season on Disney +.

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