Check out the amazing speakers joining us on Extra Crunch Live in February – TechCrunch

Last year, we hit With you episode 44 (!) Extra Crunch Live, A series that gives startups and founders direct insight from experts who know best. We’re making Extra Crunch Live even better in 2021: We will take a look at the funding deals from the eyes of the founders and investors who made them do so, and the same technical leaders will go through your pitch deck and provide feedback and advice. Every Wednesday at 12 noon PT / 3 PM ET!

Today, I am thrilled to announce the February slate for Extra Crunch Live.

Gaurav Gupta (Lightspeed Venture Partners) + Raj Dutt (Grafana Labs)

February 3, 12 noon PT / 3PM ET

Grafana Labs, an open-source platform for monitoring, visualization, and metric analytics, has raised more than $ 75 million since early 2014. Lightspeed’s Raj Dutt has partnered with the company throughout his journey, which has led to Gufa’s series A and B being heard by Gupta and Grafana’s cofounder Raj Dutt, and how the series A deal came together, and the original series A of the startup Take a look at the pitch deck The next episode of Extra Crunch Live. And don’t forget! Gupta and Dutt will give live feedback to additional Crunch members who have submitted their own pitch decks.

Aydin Senkut (Felicitas Ventures) + Kevin Buske (Guidelines)

10 February, 12 noon PT / 3 pm ET

In 2014, the guideline stepped into the ring with veterans, launching an all-inclusive 401k platform for fast-growing businesses. Since, it raises about $ 140 million in funding, including a $ 15 million Series B round led by Felicis Ventures. Guideline CEO Kevin Buschke and Felicis partner Aydin Senkut listened to the stories coming together for the deal, including walking through the pitch deck, and calling it a live response to the founder / investor duo on their own pitch Get deck.

Steve Laughlin (Excel) + Jason Boehmig (Ironclad)

February 17, 12 noon PT / 3 pm ET

Steve Laughlin looks at Techworld through a prismatic lens. He is a founder, has been through an acquisition, and now invests in Excel as a partner. One such investment includes Ironclad, a contract management platform that recently raised $ 100 million Series D and is valued at around $ 1 billion. Listen to CEO Jason Boehmig and Laughlin talk through their original series A Deal and receive live feedback from the founder / investor duo on their own pitch deck.

Matt Harris (Bain Capital) + Isaac Oates (Justworks)

February 24, 12 noon PT / 3 pm ET

JustWorks’ back-office software has attracted the attention of many investors. The company has raised $ 143 million from firms including FirstMark Capital, Union Square Ventures, Thrive, Redpoint and Bain Capital. Hear from Justworks founder and CEO Issac Oates and Bain Capital partner Matt Harris as they explain how their partnership got started and their live feedback on your pitch deck.

Extra Crunch Live is for EC members only. If you are not already signed up, get it right here. Registration information for each of these episodes is below. See you again soon!