Census raises $16M Series A to help companies put their data warehouses to work – TechCrunch

Census, A startup that helps businesses sync their customer data from their data warehouse to their various business tools such as Salesforce and Marketo, announced today that it raised a $ 16 million series led by Sequoia Capital is. Other participants in this round include Andreessen Horowitz, who Led the company’s $ 4.3 million seed round last year, As well as several notable angles including Figma CEO Dylan Field, GitHub CTO Jason Warner, Noyan COO Akshay Kothari and Rippling CEO Parker Conrad.

The company is part of a new crop of startups that are being built on top of the data warehouse. The general idea behind the census is to help businesses operate the data in their data warehouse, which was traditionally used only for analytics and reporting cases. But as businesses realized that all the data they needed was already available in their data warehouse and they could use it as a single source of truth without creating additional integration, companies that operate this data An ecosystem began to form.

The company argues that the modern data stack, along with data warehouses such as Amazon Redshift, Google BigWeek and Snowflake, provides all the tools a business needs to extract and transform data (such as FiveTran, DBT) and then visualize it (consider . ) is.

Tools like the census then essentially act as a new layer that sits between the data warehouse and business tools that can help companies extract value from this data. For example, users can easily sync their product data to marketing tools such as Marketo or CRM service such as Salesforce, for example.

Image Credit: Census

Three years ago, we were the first to ask, ‘We are relying on a clunky tangle of wires connecting every app when everything we need is already in the warehouse? What if you can leverage your data team to run the operation? ‘ When the data warehouse is connected to the rest of the business, the possibilities are limitless.The census states in today’s announcement. “When we launched, our focus was pushing product-led companies like Figma, Canva and Noyon to better marketing, sales and customer success. Along the way, our customers have pulled the census in more and more scenarios, such as auto-prioritized support tickets in Zendesk, automating invoices in NetSight, or even integrating with HR systems.

The census is already integrated with dozens of different services and data tools and its customers include the likes of Clearbit, Figama, FiveTran, LogDNA, Loom and Notion.

Looking ahead, the census plans to launch new features such as deep data validation and a visual query experience using new funds. In addition, it also plans to launch code-based orchestration to version census workflows and make it easier to integrate them into enterprise orchestration systems.