Cannabis marketing platform springbig adds BudTender to its stash – TechCrunch

Springbig Announced today that it acquired Canada-based Bubbling, A customer experience platform for cannabis retailers. The acquisition includes 200 customers at Springbig, bringing the total amount of retailers to 1,900 under its purview.

The move comes as cannabis retailers are seeking novel approaches to expand their customer base. In most areas, cannabis companies are unable to use modern advertising on social media. Along with BudTender, Springbig adds another tool to its marketing and loyalty platform. Springbig says that Budender will soon be integrated into Springbig’s platform, allowing users to use Budender’s reports and surveys.

“Budander has been a major force in Canada [cannabis tech] Space; The company’s vision and platform effortlessly fulfills Springbig’s ongoing commitment to grow Cannabis Retail and Loyalty Experience, ”said Springbig founder and CEO Jeffrey Harris in an ongoing statement. “As the legal industry is becoming increasingly sophisticated, brands and retailers will need to deploy more comprehensive customer retention and satisfaction solutions to remain competitive.”

Founded by Jake Crowe in 2017, BudTender had an awesome 2020. According to Springbig, BudTender saw 800% year-over-year growth and 1200% year-over-year revenue growth.

“This acquisition will not only be a boon for cannabis retailers in North America, but will enrich millions of consumer experiences,” Crowe said. “This will undoubtedly create a more modern cannabis industry, and we are thrilled to officially join forces with Springbig.”

The terms of the deal are undisclosed.