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Natasha And Danny And Alex And Grace Were here to chat through the week’s biggest tech events. Like every week, we had to leave a lot of great items on the cutting-room floor. But, we got to touch on a bunch of news that really matters to us.

Also we talk about some extra crunch pieces, which is our in-depth analysis on news items. If the paywall is disturbed, you can gain access 50% savings With code “Equity

Here’s what we got:

  • The crypto-art and NXT boom continues. check out What did biplab just do. Danny has an opinion on this matter.
  • Roblox direct-listing actually solves the IPO pricing issue. said that, Well done blocksburg.
  • We talked about Coursera S-1, Which gave us the first financial glimpse into an education company revived by the epidemic.
  • Numbers reference was needed, so our followup coverage gives readers 5 takeaways from Koursera IPO.
  • There is a market for language learning, and it is large. we talked about Raised $ 35 million of preppy And an understanding of why the tutoring marketplace.
  • Dropbox is buying DocSend, Which makes great sense. Even though the exit price does not matter much for large funds. We are still seeing Dropbox and adding more features to our product through Box Acquisition. Let us see how this affects their revenue growth.
  • Zapier buys makerpad. We struggled to pronounce Zapier, but there were some notes on the deal and what it might mean to place without code.
  • Sticking to the acquisition topic, Paypal bought the curve. If you were looking for more evidence that big companies are taking crypto seriously, well, here it is.
  • And to shut us down Told about neeva. Can a Google-competitor take on Google if it was founded by ex-Goglers?

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