C by GE gets rebranded under new ownership, expands beyond lighting – TechCrunch

There is a good chance that you missed the news back in May – there was something going on at the time, after all. General Electric closed its sales over 100 years old Ge Lighting Division to Smart Home Company Sawant. Today, the division’s new owners are announcing a significant rebranding effort six months after the initial deal.

Apparently the GE name still holds value, even divorcing its parent parent company. In its new home, the C line is getting a rebrand by the GE line, though. Seems perfectly reasonable – C was never the most direct name by GE. Moving forward, the line will be rewritten as “Cync” – which, if not better, is at the very least different.

With the change in ownership, the name reflects the broadening of the scope – this was probably an imperative under Sawant. Ge light A new smart home brand is being built in its new home. CES, which closes next week, will offer the company a new thermostat and a range of external products, including a new smart plug. The brand will also offer a connected camera and fan speed switch.

The new products will test the value of the GE Lighting brand name, both outside of General Electric and beyond just lighting. The smart home category is already a crowd (and has been for years), and Sawant is going up against offerings from big names like Amazon’s Ring.

The new Cync app will arrive in March, according to Sawant, “a more user-friendly and customizable experience that enhances comfort, control and confidence.” More news next week at CES.