‘Bridgerton’ is an addictive reimagining of Jane Austen-style romance – TechCrunch

“Bridgeton,” Shandaland The drama, launched last month on Netflix, provides some major updates to the standard formula of regency-era romance.

For one thing, there is a racially diverse cast, with black actors playing 19th century English nobility and royalty. (At one point, one of the characters presents an unrelated explanation for why this is the case, but we – and the show – mostly ignored it.) For the other, there is a healthy dose of sex; “Bridgerton” does not shy away from vigorously showing viewers what its incredibly attractive cast does in the bedroom.

On the latest episode of Original Content Podcast, We have our quibbles – some of the character inspiration can be frustrating, and while we enjoyed the entire season, the first few episodes were by far the most addictive and compelling.

Overall, though, we loved it, comparing “Bridgerton” to seemingly disimilar shows like “Emily in Paris” and “You” – all offering clever soap operas and clever ramps of romance formulas. The show also benefits from plotting Sansa, with each of its eight episodes full of twists. And did we mention that it is good to see the artists doing well?

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