Best practices as a service is a key investment theme to watch in 2021 – TechCrunch

Enterprise IT In the last decade completely replaced by mother-in-law. Okta published a report last week This showed that the largest companies now use 175 apps, which has doubled in the last few years. More professionals have more tools to do their work than ever before. It is an explosion of creativity and clarity and operational latitude – but it is also a recipe for disaster.

It is one thing to give people and businesses the tools – and something else to train them to use those tools effectively. Worse, as the number and complexity of software has skyrocketed for the past decade, it is difficult only for end users to provide the best possible experience to their customers.

This is an opportunity for a range of new tools designed to guide – sometimes overpowered – people to use the software they use in the best possible way that you can “as a service In “best practice”. This is software that looks like the “best” within their domain, and ensures that many people follow that model with the least amount of spread. It is an ingenuity for a complex world.

I am writing to give some examples from some of the key areas of e-commerce, security, web development and finally, startups in my chosen profession, which is what I mean.