Best Gear and Tips to Keep Your Home Warm in the Winter (2021)

Winter officially here, And by here I mean it’s in the room with you, right behind you, seeping through the crack in your own house and you wonder why you’re still trembling when the heater was blasting. Whether you have recently moved to a new place, were you unaware of your house dripping on a submarine as a screen door, or had it seen months before and just relaxed (me), now You are facing many months of your precious warm air blowing in or out of the hallway.

There are ways to mitigate this with some quick fixes. you Might Buy Thermal leak detector To find cool places in your home, but before purchasing anything, do a cursory inspection. You can guess if there are gaps in your door frame and baseboard and if you can feel the cold air around your windows from the weather.

We have outlined a number of things that you can do to protect your home and maintain warm air this winter. These are all acceptable projects that anyone can tackle, and none of them have a lot of money. Along with saving your electricity bill, they can also pay for themselves.

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More likely than not, if you live in an apartment or an old house, you’ve got gaps in that 90 degree angle where the baseboards of your walls meet your floor. These gaps may not seem large, but the amount of cool air in them and your home is important. Check around the casting of the window frame for gaps.