Audience engagement startup Trufan raises $2.3M – TechCrunch

Trafan, A startup selling tools that help marketers, analyze its social following and collect audience data, announcing today that it has raised a $ 2.3 million seed round.

Despite raising a relatively small amount of funding (a total of $ 4.1 million), Trafan has already made two notable acquisitions. First of all, it SocialRank acquired product and business In 2019, it allows its most valuable social media followers to offer capabilities such as showing the brand. Then last year, it Acquired, Which marketers use to run giveaways that consumers enter by providing information such as their email address.

In addition to its products, Trafan says it has more than 10,000 free users and more than 600 paid subscribers, including Netflix, NBA, NFL, Sony Music and United Talent Agency.

Subsequently, the startup plans to integrate two core products and launch a consolidated, privacy-compliant customer data and audience engagement platform with new branding and pricing. Co-founder and CEO Swish Goswami told me that the platform should be particularly attractive as regulators implement new privacy rules, Apple and Google Add new restrictions to ad targeting Based on third-party data and as consumers are more susceptible to using their data.

Founder of Trafan

The founders of Trafan are Anikh Kaler and Swish Goswami. Image Credit: Trufan

“People don’t want to be tracked anonymously,” Goswami said. “People don’t want to take their data away, but most of those people are attracted to the idea of ​​sharing data if they get something in return.”

He said it is particularly important for brands to build first-party customer data given the limitations of social networks: “You can have up to 50 million followers, but every time you post you can reach up to 50 million people Don’t reach. ” If you have 50 million email or phone numbers, on the other hand, you can actually access most inboxes or phones.

The new funding comes from Moneta Ventures, with Moneta joining the board of directors of partner Sabya Das Trafan. GP Ventures, Protocol Ventures and Athletes Technology Group also participated, as did angel investors including Innovative Fitness founder Curtis Christophersen, Utah Jazz forward Derrick Favors, and Chicago Bulls forward Thades Young.

“Trafan is miles ahead in identifying and removing bottlenecks in the customer data space,” Das said in a statement. “We are excited to support them because they are truly All-Star founders with an incredible team with them, and we believe in their trust and ability to solve a first-party data problem.”