Atlanta’s SalesLoft raises $100M for its digital sales platform, now valued at $1.1B – TechCrunch

The Kovid-19 epidemic and especially the need for social distance to slow the spread of the virus has continued to keep many of us away from office. Now, increasingly, many organizations and people believe that this could usher in a more permanent shift to remote, distributed and virtual functions. Today, a startup has created a set of tools specifically to help salespeople with that change – through digital sales – have raised enough growth rounds to meet that demand.

SalesloftA sales platform based out of Atlanta, Georgia that provides salespersons an AI-based tool to help drive the sales process – with virtual coaching tools to help sell and lead, and then help with post Through doing. Sales process – $ 100 million in funding has closed.

The company’s co-founder and CEO Kyle Porter confirmed to Tech Crunch that the company was now valued at $ 1.1 billion post-money, a substantial increase on its previous valuation. In April 2019, before any global health epidemic, the company raised one Series D of $ 70 million at a valuation of approximately $ 600 million (A figure we confirmed with sources close to the company at the time).

This latest round is being led by Owl Rock Capital, with previous investors focusing on Insight Partners, HarborWest, and Emerging Capital – a VC specifically focused on enterprise startups, especially early on by Zoom and many others Was back.

SalesLoft has now raised $ 245 million, an impressive amount for any startup, but is also worth pointing out for the fact that it is not based out of the Valley, but in Atlanta, Georgia (news for other reasons at the moment In, as a state) a hotly contested US Senate runoff election).

The company has been shedding tears of growth for the past several years, as one of the big players in the field of so-called sales engagements: tools to help salespeople become better clients to be clients (or clients), including real – Periodic monitoring of interactions to provide coaching to improve the process, suggestions for supplementary material to enhance the pitch, and more basic software to manage records and communications.

Even before the epidemic, it was a major growth area in enterprise software, in which both individuals and online / digital salespersons rely on these types of products to help them gain an edge with their work, but too much focus is actually In was in sales (B2B sales focusing on large purchases). Porter described the impact of the Kovid-19 as “tailwind” propelling which is already a strong trend.

“Kovid’s impact has diminished due to the effects of digital sales,” he said. “All the vendors immediately went away. But now the genie is out of the bottle and is not going back. This means that the inside is now all sold. Whether the opportunity is mid-funnel or upgrade or renewal, we are establishing ourselves as the engagement platform of record as it is all going digital and all vendors are getting more success. “

He said SalesLoft’s own sales cycle had improved by 40%, as Epidemic, a reflection, said there was “urgency and need” for tools such as startups.

Another change has been made in terms of the type of customers with which SalesLoft works. The company was originally focused on mid-market, but that has changed with more large enterprises also coming on board. Google, LinkedIn (which supports SalesLoft and is in a strategic partnership with it), Cisco, Dell and IBM are all customers, and Porter said more “mainstream” businesses like Cargill, 3M and Standard & Poor are also booming. Subscribing to

It is leading startups to build larger solutions beyond the original pitch of “Sales Engagement”, which until now has been the mainstay of Salestown. Competes against a plethora of others, including the company Clari,, Bell, Conversica, Afiniti And Outreach, As well as giants like Salesforce. Porter notes that its big selling point is that it provides customers with faster end-to-end sales solutions, which means fewer purchases.

“Building a high-quality pipeline requires a tight partnership between marketing and sales,” Google Cloud CMO Allison Wagonfield said in a statement. “SalesLoft has helped us align with efficiency in our process and consistency in prospect experience, and we are excited to move forward as a partner.”