Assembled, an operating system for support teams, raises $16.6M – TechCrunch

From a consumer’s point of view, customer service sometimes feels like a monolith, but behind the scenes it can be a very fragmented business, with dozens of companies providing various different tools to help agents do their jobs Huh.

Today, a startup founded by Three Striped Alum has agreed to create a platform that helps organizations manage the spaghetti of customer service IT, and use it more efficiently, to continue their business Is announcing a round of funding for.

Assembled, Which has built a platform described as an “operating system” for support teams, has raised $ 16.6 million, a Series A to bring more customers to continue expanding its team and platform Is planning to use.

The round is led by Emergence Capital, a VC that specializes in enterprise startups, which in its time supports other communications-focused companies such as Salesforce, Zoom, Yammer, ServiceMax, Salesloft and Lithium. Stripe, Basis Set Ventures and Felice Ventures also participated. Stripe has a strong connection to the montage. It is a customer. This led to the assemble $ 3.1 million seed round a year ago.

And, it was the company where the three co-founders met and created the earliest version of the product that it offers today. CEO Brian Says was one of the first employees to oversee business operations, where he created a customer support platform that eventually prompted him to leave Assembled. Two of his co-founders, brothers Ryan and John Wang, were engineers in payments and financial services.

Assembled’s current platform is Price In tiers start at $ 15 per agent per month. Integration with Salesforce, Zendesk, Intercom, Kustomer, Gladly and other services through API Integration, it does not provide a way to manage and view customer support data from different sources in one place, but also with It is also accompanied by devices focused on support. Teams themselves. This includes forecasting tools based on various factors to manage and roster teams, analyze team performance, and be better prepared.

Customer service and people management are being digitally transformed, along with other aspects of how organizations work. Typically, Sze stated that many companies still use spreadsheets to manage and plan customer support rosters. Now he is slowly shifting to what he describes as “support ops”, where a strategic person is not just entrusted with handling what is happening with incoming customer support. Gone, but also need to find out what will happen in the next year, and tools that can help deal with it. “This is our proven buyer,” Sze said.

“Email support, when you consider email, messages, phone lines, social media, and more, a large number of channels are supported,” adding that the epidemic has focused on Assembled’s business in particular Made a strong impact. It saw a big jump, especially in the third quarter of last year, when its customer base doubled. “I think it came down to support being one of the most important teams in the organization.”

Today, there are many tech companies and customer-facing tech-first consumers, including Stripe, GoFundMe, Challenger Bank Monzo, Google-owned Look, D2C clothing brands Everlane and Harris. It has increased subscribers fivefold in the past year, Sze said, while revenue has increased by 300% (the absolute numbers for both were not disclosed).

The concept of an “operating system” for customer support matters a lot when you think about how the role has evolved over the years.

Internet and digital interactions had become the norm decades before, with support either focused on in-person visits, or phone-based interactions where you could call yourself toll-free numbers, sitting on long dharms, Perhaps it should be avoided. From one person to another depending on the nature of your issue.

Over time, those systems took some automated responses and companies began to find better systems to triage those calls. Then, as marketing became “marketing tech” and sales took a software life of their own, those customer support people began to take on more responsibilities, not just listening to customers, but turning around and Also offered to sell them things, or take them away. Reserves customer satisfaction and overall feeling. Then more channels came with the Internet to connect. This was followed by more efficient devices, cloud-based services, mobile services, and more to handle all of the above.

All of these iterations often involve different pieces of software, and when some companies have decided to build one-stop shops to take everything, Assembled takes a sluggish-like approach, bringing in data and managing various tools Easy becomes one place, providing a place to bring them all together to help them work in a more harmonious way. At the same time, it provides a way to manage teams of people who are there to work with those pieces of software. This is because when it comes to customer support, it is always as much about the teams running as it is the software they are using (hence: “assmebled”).

The company’s outlook has been particularly relevant in the past year. Not only have teams – including customer service teams – been forced to work remotely, but they have generally seen an increase in traffic from customers who are going online for all of their services, and when they need organizations They use digital tools when required to make contact with. Nevertheless, the opportunity to assemble is that by and large, there is still a large body of businesses that are still making a hold here.

“Today’s customer support teams operate in a dynamic, increasingly remote environment compared to a decade ago,” said Jake Supper, Emergence General Partner, in a statement. “But it is shocking to know how many support teams are still working out of the spreadsheet. In Emergence, we believe that support ops will become an important complement to support teams, a great choice for developers. After initially building our product to manage Stripe’s support function, we believe the Assisted team is the best in the world to build a core operating platform for support ops. “

The valuation is not being disclosed.