Apple Music, Books, iTunes, App Store and more are experiencing outages – TechCrunch

Several high-powered Apple services are facing issues and consequences on Wednesday morning, Apple has confirmed. These issues are affecting many consumer-facing services, including Apple Music and Radio, Apple Books and App Store platforms on both iOS devices and Macs.

For some users, the services are below. For example, this morning there were reports that users were having problems. Streaming music via Apple Music Or using iTunes. Others have seen strange problems cropping up on the App Store – such as an app search result that only returns a small bit of the top application related to the search term.

Even when the services are partially up, they are sometimes too slow to load normally – meaning that the user has several seconds before the page is populated with its normal content Can see blank page.

Image Credit: Apple

At the time of initial reports, Apple’s status page These issues did not reflect that, as it showed all services as being available. He has since changed. Now, page display outages are happening on the App Store, Apple Book, Apple Music, Apple Music Radio, iTunes Store, Mac App Store and Radio.

The Apple Support Twitter account has also posted about the outage, but has not yet provided details about what happened or when it could be resolved.

Related to this is that the account responded to a tweet with a complaint from a user who said they could not reset their password – a sign that the outage could also affect other types of backend services.

Apple says it is working to provide us with more information about this, and we’ll update when the company has more to share.