Apple is building foldable iPhone prototypes

It is a very busy day for Apple News. Reports that the company Remove the touch bar and add MagSafe again On its upcoming MacBook Pros, as well as launch Redesigned iMacs From a new report, with an all new design Bloomberg Apple claims to be actively working on a foldable iPhone.

Although the report stresses that the company has “not really solidified plans to launch a foldable iPhone”, the company has begun work on some prototypes in its lab. At the moment the prototype “has not moved beyond a display”, but it is the most important part of a folding phone, right?

The report claimed that Apple has discussed a range of folding screen sizes, including a larger 6.7-inch portion on a Motorola razor or Galaxy Z flip – a smaller phone the size of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. This is in contrast to more tablet-like Galaxy folds, although it is definitely under occupation. Apple is also working on larger sizes.

A few months ago, we reported on Apple patents related to possible folding iPhones with separate but seamless displays. It’s unclear what kind of technology the current prototype is using, but I’m hard to believe that Apple will release a folding phone as scratchy as the current ones.

Foldable phones usually require a plastic top layer instead of glass, making the display extremely easy to scratch. Two different paneled models, viz. Surface duo, It is not a limitation, but do not allow a continuous display that will allow you to view photos and images over a large, uninterrupted surface area. If Apple can find a way to make more durable flexible displays or seamless separate displays, it could be the company to bring the folding phones into the mainstream.

That said, it is worth repeating that a foldable iPhone is just a possibility, not a given. It is not surprising that a company with Apple’s resources would be the least try Creating a folding phone that meets its design goals. Whether or not this can actually be achieved in a reasonable time is another matter. If the foldable iPhone ever arrives, it may not be for a few years.

Folding phones aside, the report had many more interesting stories:

  • Apple is not planning major changes for this year’s iPhone, and the team is discussing dubbing the ‘S’ version of the phone the next model.
  • The company plans to launch its “AirTags” item tracker this year after delays due to coronaviruses.
  • The company is considering a return to the fingerprint reader – specifically, the in-screen fingerprint reader, as seen in many Android phones. It has not abandoned Face ID, but in a world where many people are wearing masks, Face ID becomes less effective and reliable.
  • The company has discussed “removing the charging port for some iPhone models in favor of wireless charging.” We have been hearing rumors about this for some time, Legendary Port iPhone.
  • The next iPad Pro is expected to look similar to the current model but for better contrast features a MiniLED panel that approximates better OLED displays. This is expected to be a “very fast processor” game.

You can read the full report at the source link below.

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Published on 15 January 2021 – 23:13 UTC