Announcing the Early Stage Pitch-Off judges – TechCrunch

TechCrunch Initial Phase Fast approaching around 1 April and 2. You still have a chance to transform your startup into an amazing lineup of judges on the famous TC Stage. On April 2, TechCrunch will feature 10 top startups worldwide on early stage pitch-offs. The companies will attract the attention of the press and investors worldwide. Founder – Apply Here By 9 March.

The pitch-off will feature a five-minute presentation, with our panel of experts taking a Q&A. The top three companies will go into a final round, this time with a more in-depth Q&A. The winner will receive a feature article on, a one-year free subscription to ExtraCrunch and a Free Founder Pass to TechCrunch this fall.

We know that you are excited to find out who you will be pitching for. So without further ado, here are some judges for early stage pitch-offs:

Lucy DeLand – Inspired Capital

Lucy is a partner in Inspired Capital. Prior to Inspired Capital, Lucy was on the founding team at Paperless Post, where she spent a decade as COO. In her role, Lucy created and led finance, customer belly operations, strategic planning and marketing – leading the company’s growth to a network of 100 million hosts and guests. Lucy led the company to raise $ 50 million in venture financing and developed a team of 100+ in the city of Manhattan.

Bucky Moore – Clincher Perkins

Bucky Moore is a partner at Kleiner Perkins focusing on developer-facing software and infrastructure investments. As an early investor, Bucky serves on the boards of some of the most innovative software companies, including NetLize, Materials, Codesandbox, Opstress, and StackBit.

Marlon Nichols – MaC Venture Capital

Marlon Nicholls is the founding managing partner of MaC Venture Capital (formerly Cross Culture Ventures), which seeks entrepreneurs who are building the future for the rest of America. He is a former Kaufman Fellow and Director of Investment at Intel Capital, with an extensive background in technology, private equity, media and entertainment.

Egosa Omoigui – EcoVision Partners

Agosa Omoigui is a seed and early-stage technology venture capital firm with undercharged founders and founding and managing partners serving underscore markets. Prior to this, Egosa was a director of Consumer Internet & Semantic Technologies with Intel Capital. Representative investments include Lifebank, Migo, Frontier Car Group, SystemOne, Grow Intelligence and Kbox.

Neil Sales-Griffin – TechStars

Neil Sayles-Griffin is the managing director of Techstars Chicago and a venture partner for MATH. Neil is an entrepreneur, investor and teacher. In 2011, he co-founded the first beginner-focused, in-person coding bootcamp. He is active in nonprofit and civic engagement across Chicago and in 2018 he ran for mayor.

Sarah Smith – Bain Capital

Sarah Smith is a partner at Bain Capital Ventures where she primarily invests in Middle-East companies across a range of sectors including consumer, SaaS and markets. Sarah has been deeply involved in high growth startups including Quora, Facebook, Graph Ventures and Stanford as an executive, investor and student.

Leah Solivan – Fuel Capital
Lia Solivan is a general partner at Fuel Capital, where she invests in early stage companies in consumer technology, hardware, marketplaces and retail. He is passionate about supporting teams that are taking on world-changing ideas.

Stephanie Zahn – Sequoia Capital

Stephanie Xan is a partner in the early-stage investment team at Sequoia Capital. She grew up in Hong Kong and Beijing and studied computer science at Stanford. At Sequoia, she loves partnering with founders pushing the boundaries of creating meaningful experiences in consumer, enterprise and frontier technology. He has also played with Rick Room (digital third place), Brood (a modern-day miracle through computer-generated characters who become social media celebrities), Ethos (a modern-day life insurance company), Graphcore (microprocessor for machine intelligence). The investment is led by Linear (issues tracking tool), Evervelt (dev tool for data privacy) and Middesk (background check for businesses) among others.

Early Stage Day 1 is a must see panel from the judges above and more:

  • How to build your initial team for future growth (Sarah Smith, Bain Capital Ventures)
  • 10 things not to do when starting a company
  • Four things to think about before picking up Series A (Bucky Moore, Kleiner Perkins)
  • How to attract investor attention (Marlon Nichols, MaC Venture Capital)

and that’s not all. If you hold your ticket TC Initial Phase, You get Extra Crunch for free! An additional crunch membership includes: