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Adventuress Planning to expand it Computer science program future engineer India shows its growing interest in education in the world’s second largest Internet market.

In a job recruitment position, the company said preliminary research for Amazon future engineer, Through which computer science education in India is supposed to bring under-rated children and young adults, “currently underway” and the candidate selected must work with local nonprofits and government officials.

company said As part of the plan to launch the program in India in 2021. The childhood career program currently operates in the United States, where the company serves more than 5,000 schools and 550,000 students with computer science research, said In a press release earlier this week.

“Amazon India has a special focus on equipping children and young adults with underserved communities to create a better future for themselves,” the company said in the description. The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

American e-commerce giant with Invested over $ 6.5 billion in India So far, the field of education has been being explored in the country for some years. Last year, it launched JEE Ready, aimed at helping students preparing for admission to India’s prestigious institutes of technology. JEE Ready, which has since been rebranded as Amazon academy, Offers free online classes and analyzes students’ performance in mock tests.

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Amazon is not the only US firm focusing on India’s growing education market, where more than 260 million children attend school and the majority of the population sees education as the key to economic progress and a better life.

earlier this year, Facebook Partnered with Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)A government body that oversees education in private and public schools in India, introducing a certified curriculum for digital security and online welfare and augmented reality for students and teachers.

Facebook this year too Unacademy has invested in, A Bangalore-based startup that offers online learning classes. Google, which Invested in Indian Edtech Startup This year is Cuemath, Also partnered with CBSE India offers a range of free tools such as G Suite like Education, Google Classroom and YouTube to train over 1 million teachers and help digitalize the education experience in the nation.

Microsoft Has collaborated with many Indian government and industry bodies including National Skill Development Corporation, And NASSCOM Put yourself forward to help more than 1 million people.