All I want for Christmas is a length-based search option on Netflix

Jingle bells, ice, and all that jazz. It’s the holiday season, which means only one thing: binge-watching.

As we nap on our trusty official ‘couch’ and set Netflix on fire to take out the sounds of our beloved family, we are still facing a question that has us since the dawn of human existence. Is disturbing: what should I see?

The search for the right content, the perfect piece of miracle cinema for this exact occasion is a difficult endeavor, no matter how well Netflix’s recommendations have gone. Also, the thing about recommendations is that We To know They only scratch the surface of Netflix’s huge archives. So we are always left wondering if there can be something better in looking back.

Of course, Netflix knows this, so it offers us a few different options from love – such as simply browsing through TV shows or movies and searching by title, genre, and people. Surely this is enough to please all of us and does not fit on incompatible application features?


We want something better this holiday season, so I am praying on behalf of all mankind: Please Netflix, please give us Length-Based Search Options!

Conch rod

You and I both know that a search option is so important for how long it takes to watch content, but let me explore the situation to execute a loaded Netflix to read it.

Most of Netflix’s recommendations are tricks – autoplaying, top trending, etc. – that move us around to start watching as quickly as possible to fight the hardcore enemy of today’s audience: FOMO.

Sincerely: Netflix