Alibaba shuts down 12-year-old music streaming app Xiami – TechCrunch

The X128 was once used to be synonymous with the taste of good music in China. Music App, which started around 2008 and was Acquired by alibaba in 2013, Is shutting down its streaming service today, Exima said Notice For users.

“Little Shrimp” in Chinese, which was once known in Miami for its smart search, elegant design, social features, and support for indie musicians, helping attract a loyalist among China’s artistic, hipster types used to do. Its decline began with the fight for musical rights in China. A digital music anthem was produced in 2016 Tencent bought majority stake in China Music Group, Which brought a reservoir of exclusive music deals for Tencent. As of 2017, Tencent’s music app Controlled over 75% In China’s music streaming market.

On the other hand, X Miami lost large amounts of music rights and resulted in users who transitioned to more resource-rich platforms, albeit severely distressed.

Alibaba gave a shot at online music. In 2015, the e-commerce giant Appointed Two renowned industry giants – a songwriter and a music company executive – to run their newly minted music group. Neither was necessarily seen as an experience of running an Internet music business. Instead of growing Miami, he put resources on a platform called Alibaba Planet to build artist-fan relationships. This idea did not go away.

Meanwhile, newbies such as NetEase Music are taking part in their fight against Tencent’s music empire, the dominance of which to this day.

While users will lose access to the app and all their data, Examia is not completely dead. According to the notice, its copyright-focused segment Yin Luo (螺 Con or conch music) will continue to operate. But the dream that X Tuma’s utopian founders, “make music and money” (hence the app’s original name “EMUMO”), a vision that they kept inside a cafe on a snowy day in Hangzhou, has certainly gone away .