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Chinese officials investigate an e-commerce giant, Google could tighten its grip on research and VC weigh the year’s biggest surprise. This is your (more than usual) daily crunch for December 24, 2020.

Big Story: Alibaba is facing

China’s State Administration for Market Regulation stated that It is investigating the e-commerce giant On a policy that forces merchants to sell exclusively with Alibaba and abandon rival platforms and Pindduo.

“Alibaba will actively cooperate with regulators in the investigation,” the company said in a statement. “The company’s business operations remain normal.”

Meanwhile, Chinese authorities have already closed the initial public offering of the Alibaba affiliate Ant Group, and the company has now received another “meeting notice” from regulators.

Vacation bag

Google reportedly tightens grip on research in ‘sensitive topics’ – Reuters, citing researchers in the company and internal documents, Reports Google has implemented new controls in the past year, including additional rounds of inspection for papers on certain topics.

Five Vice Chancellors discussed what surprised them the most in 2020 – The latest episode of Equity reflects on a year that no one could have predicted.

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Additional crisis advice and analysis

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