After 2020, Live Events Might Not Look the Same. Good!

Another thing that proves to be wildly popular in virtual events? online gaming. ReedPop, a company based on the NYCC, also produces PAX video game conferences. This year, those conferences were added to PAX Online, streamed on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Live and other platforms. The event also had a very active Discord server, which can easily be set up for future events, allowing the “attendees” a break to play. among us Or other games between sessions.

Bringing big twitch energy has been a goal for all kinds of organizers this year – including political ones. While the Trump campaign continued to hold large rallies and other events Estimated Public Health Outcomes– Democratic candidates moved the ballot their campaign operations online. The party’s national convention felt like summer this time Zoom call. Meanwhile, fundraisers happened at All types of digital platforms.

Like to see a lot Verzuz The fight on Instagram Live, for those who connect with political theater — or any kind of theater — wants to interact online, says Hovercast CEO Ellie Stoneberg, who helped organize livestreams for Bernie Sanders and the Democratic Party in Wisconsin. Unlike many one-way streams, Hovercast’s tool made the events interactive — sharing comments and questions from people in the audience within the broadcast. “Zoom was fine when the epidemic hit, but very soon people wanted something more interactive and engaging,” Stonberg says. Finally, Hovercast wants to offer its platform for all types of live events, such as concerts and panels, to allow viewers to comment on them as they are happening and even those chat shows Projects on stage with.

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With all the success of virtual events this year, the organizers are eager to be able to re-organize more traditional in-person gatherings. “Now we’ve made a bunch of online conferences on our video game shows, some escorts stuff, and NYCC, and what we’ve found,” says Readpop President Lance Fensterman. “But they’re not in love with it. The missing element is not surprising: it’s a shared emotional experience.” These are the physical, tangible benefits of conferences, such as interacting with strangers or sharing a cosplay that still leaves everyone remote. But difficult to replicate.

Concerts, conventions, festivals, and other events are also big businesses, making millions of dollars not only for the companies that put them in local economies. In 2020, Sundance Brought some $ 150 million For Park City. Music festival Coachella and stagecoach generated More than $ 700 million Just a few years ago. If people cannot be physically displayed then that money is not spent. For example, canceling SXSW $ 350 million hit For tourism income for the city of Austin. Many people want to come back as soon as these incidents are secured.

This is not to say that everything will look exactly the same. Some events will not happen at all. Earlier this month, for example, Readpop announced that it “Retired” BookExpo and BookCon. And even events returning to business in general could see some changes by 2020 for lessons and opportunities.

Sherry Frillot, who runs Sundar’s forward-looking New Frontiers segment, admitted that while planning a film festival in an epidemic proved challenging, it “felt like an opportunity to try something new.” She was able to transfer a lot of her programming and, thanks to a partnership with Oculus, all filmmakers get VR headsets. Typically, directors experience the New Frontier’s XR offerings only when visiting a dedicated venue at the festival; Now they can all join it. Perhaps it is a cold comfort, but it adds to the creative in a way it might not have otherwise.

For both Frillot and his compatriot Jackson, Sundance’s mission to highlight the filmmakers’ work has taken on new meaning amid the epidemic. “At a time like this, things don’t make sense. How do we make sense of this? “Says Jackson. “In that sense, even during the most fleeting moment of thinking, ‘Should we also be held at such a time at a film festival? The answer was a resounding,’ Yes. ‘ This is why we are here. ”

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