After 17 months, India finally restores full 4G coverage in Kashmir

Nearly 17 months after the first internet shutdown in Jammu and Kashmir, India is restoring full 4G coverage in the region. Government official spokesman Rohit Kansal made the official announcement.

In August 2019, India’s Home Minister Amit Shah moved to abolish Article 370 in Parliament to remove his position of autonomy. Government Internet and communication services blocked for millions In the region saying that it wants to control unrest and misinformation. The state has now been reorganized as two union territories: Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh.

The citizens of the area had to wait October 2019 To get your internet connection back. But the move was restricted to postpaid consumers, leaving prepaid users in the dark. The government later restored Internet access in a staggered manner through various permission lists. A limited number of sites. In March, restrictions on the sites were lifted, but mobile connectivity was still limited 2G for prepaid connection.

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Internet shutdown and other restrictions had a serious impact on people’s livelihood. According to a report published by the Kashmir Chamber of Commerce, businesses Lost more than $ 5.3 billion After the blackout.

It was one of the longest running Internet shutdowns in democratic countries. Raman Cheema, director of Asia Pacific Policy at Internet Rights Non Profit Access Now, said the previous shutdown was excessive and repeated without a mind.

Government restored in August last year 4g In two parts of Kashmir on a trial basis But did not provide any timeline for complete restoration. Now, finally, it has allowed 4G connectivity for all the people of the region.

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