A Dallas-based founder looks to tackle the student loan crisis with his startup, College Cash – TechCrunch

Demetrius Curry has spent the last few years chasing a dream.

Their startup, College cash, Allowing brands to create photo and video marketing content that exposes their product or service to users, with wrinkles as a credit to content creators paid by brands that pay their student loan debt directly Let’s go in the direction of. The model rewards brands that include levels of social well-being and tax benefits.

The Dallas area founder was inspired to deal with the student loan debt crisis after eventually speaking with his daughter about the possibility of paying off her own debt. Curry has spent the last two years building the nascent platform, tracking brand partners, navigating accelerator programs, enticing users and pounding the pavement to find investors who are ready to wager on his vision.

College Cash has raised $ 105,000 to date, and the funding is ultimately expected to wrap up in a $ 1 million seed round.

Filling the goal is his challenge for Curry, who has struggled to find opportunities at times, even between historical levels of capital flows in the startup ecosystem, a gap that is less noticeable to black founders who Still just a small percentage VC allocation Following last summer’s protests against police brutality, several venture capital firms issued statements to reduce institutional racism and return to various under-founders, new to diverse founders Launched programs.

Demetrius Curry, CEO of College Cash

While Curry says he appreciates the scope of the problem and the good intentions of the narrator, he believes that the venture capital network still has a lot to learn about what an “undersubscribed” founder means And current efforts make many feel “showy love”. He says that even though Silicon Valley continues to embellish dropouts from prestigious universities, stakeholders are less interested in recognizing the achievements of founders who have chosen their way through poverty or found opportunities in geographies Are where opportunities are difficult to come by.

“If you’re looking at the same place, you can’t see anything different,” Curry tells TechChurch. “When you look at the subject of ‘Underground Founders’, it’s not only a skin color, it’s also about where they came from and what they came through.”

Curry states that competing for early stage opportunities can be frustrating when investors are not ready to meaningfully adjust their parameters. Particular frustration for Curry is navigating the world of “hot introductions”, even for programs for diverse founders to get a foot in the door, or to apply for early-stage programs On the “underdressed” only to be told that they were ‘Wayne’ far enough to qualify.

“Think how much we had to go to the room with you,” Curry says. “I sold plasma to pay web hosting fees, nothing is going to stop me.”

College Cash’s mission of expanding opportunities for people struggling to manage their student loans is personal for Curry who changed his life after going back to school.

Decades ago, fresh out of the military, Curry said that he had a random conversation with a stranger while dining on a Hardy – a discussion about what else he wanted from life, to go back and get his business Pushed for and later did a business. Degree. This was followed by a career in finance that eventually led to his recent entrepreneurial efforts with college cash.

The stage is an early stage venture at the moment, but Curry has huge ambitions that he is building. His next effort is building a college cash tipping integration with GigEconomy platforms, with the intention that users of those platforms can eventually tip a worker and go directly to that person to pay their student loan debt. Money can be paid.

Curry says that College Cash’s team is working with a “national tomat economy platform” to run a pilot of integration and show focus groups that users are more likely to tip when they know Money goes towards eradicating debt.