A car-buying experience unlike any other

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VIP EV Sales Experience

One thing Lucid Motors knows is that it is its customer. They know that this person has the means, is accustomed to fine things, and is not opposed to being recognized for his achievements. In other words, treated like a VIP. Lucid takes it to the Nth degree with the purchase process for one of its luxury electric cars. Welcome to Lucid Studio.

Lucid studio experience

If you are interested in shopping for Lucid Air, there will not be one, or many, casually walking around in dealer lots or in showrooms. First, you will schedule an appointment at one of the four California Lucid studio Currently open in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, San Jose and Newark, either by calling 1-844-367-7787 or by email [email protected] There may even be a credit check, Again An appointment will be set. You are buying directly from the manufacturer.

Lucid Motors Beverly Hills Studio