6 Ways to Repurpose Content With Instagram's Most Popular Features

6 Ways to Repurpose Content With Instagram’s Most Popular Features

For a long time, Instagram outlawed marketers for companies that did not have a brand that easily translated into visual imagery.

If you did not have a physical product or attractive aesthetics, it was easy to feel that the platform was not necessary to worry about your brand. But Instagram is becoming very difficult to ignore in your social media strategy.

Fortunately, it is also becoming increasingly easy to create content for the platform, even if your brand is not what you suspect to be thrown at such a visual app.

Because it is no longer just a platform for pictures, it is growing rapidly where people go for almost everything, even news.

Between the latest features added to the platform and their enabling user trends, It’s never been easy To come up with an Instagram marketing strategy for a “non-visual” brand.

This is especially the case when you are already creating content for other channels as there are some of the most popular and attractive trends right now, which are perfect for remodeling content.


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Let’s see how.

1. Summarize Long-Term Content in Instagram Carousels

The first thing to talk about is the Instagram carousel.

After all, this is where they figure on Instagram’s chart of the most attractive post types.

Carousel is the perfect way to share long-form written content you’ve created for other platforms, such as blog posts, podcast show notes, ebooks, and emails.

How you would like to go about it depends on whether you are creating native-only content, or trying to move people to original content.


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If you are creating a native-only carousel for Instagram, you can summarize each form of long form content in 1-2 slides each form, and present it to everyone using captions And can hook people enough to swipe.

Then, on the final side, use CTA for engagement drives like comment, share and savings.

If you’re making a teaser for an original piece of content, you can pull up some of the most interesting quotes or nuggets of information to get people to swipe.

Then, you can use the CTA on the last slide to drive people to move to full content.

2. Curate a series of posts in the Instagram guide

Another way to leverage long-term written content is by curating Instagram guides.

Originally built around COVID-19 as a way to share reliable public health information, the feature is being quietly rolled out to all users.

I’ve always been a fan of re-presenting blog posts in a series of Instagram captions, but there was no way to link them together as a series, except to say so in the caption. This varies with Instagram guides.

The guides let you share your previous posts in a scrollable sequence by yourself. They have shareable URLs, can be shared in stories and feeds, and can be in a dedicated tab on user profiles.

So now when you break each blog post section into your Instagram caption, you can bring them back again using this feature. This allows users to easily find the entire story or piece of content without leaving the platform.

3. Change YouTube video size for IGTV

Although IGTV is not as new a trend as the information carousel and guide, I still hesitate to see a lot of brands jump into it, even when they are creating video content on their website, Facebook, or other platforms like YouTube Huh. .

To continue to do so in 2021 is to ignore a very early victory.

It is simple and straightforward to trim and resize a video to make it IGTV-friendly, especially with templates for editing software or dedicated tools for social videos such as cupping. You can also use your YouTube video description as an IGTV caption and upload it from your computer.


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Once you make it work in your larger system, it takes a little extra time.

Also Instagram’s algorithm likes to surf IGTV videos, and users on the other end of that algorithm are hungry for video content.

This is a win for all sides.

4. Your Best Tweet Screenshot

Next, don’t forget to screenshot your best tweet.

And if you’re not on Twitter yet, consider tweeting your best quotes.

There are even design templates that allow you to create tweets that look like citation graphics, without sending you actual graphics.

Choose whichever option seems easiest for you.

For reasons I still don’t really understand, quotes shared as screenshots of tweets perform better on Instagram than sharing the same quote in a different image style.

(This also made a lot of fun with his Twitter Instagram.)

If you are creating written content for Twitter, it makes it incredibly easy to reproduce for Instagram content.

Some people (myself included) prefer to “fan up” with an on-brand background photo or image, but this is not necessarily the case.


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All you need is a screenshot.

5. Make video teasers and clips

In addition to posting entire YouTube or long videos on IGTV, you can also use similar tools and workflows to create short clips that promote the full piece.

From this you can get many Instagram posts from one YouTube video.

Like breaking up a text post into a series of Instagram posts, it allows you to create a series of posts, each of which focuses on a specific talking point from your larger video.

6. Create Story Highlights of Your Best Instagram Content

My last instagram repurchase tip gets a bit meta.

In addition to sharing content from other platforms to your Instagram feed, make sure that you share everything from your Instagram feed to your Instagram stories.

It is suspected that many users spend more time tapping through stories than scrolling feeds, so this helps them see your feed content.

What’s more, once you share something of your stories, you can save it to a story highlight so that it stays at the top of your profile as evergreen content.

The story sheds light on the example

This is a great idea for any basic content or series, along with curating your Instagram content in various categories for users to browse.


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Make instagram easy

Beautiful and aspirational images – what once Instagram marketing made out of reach for many of us – are becoming an important part of the platform, creating more room for useful multimedia and interesting information.

You are already putting so much effort into creating for other platforms and websites.

So why not share them where your customers are spending more and more time?

It just makes sense to make repurchases a priority for Instagram.

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