5 Robot Vacuum Tips to Help You Keep a Tidy Home (2020)

In the past In a few years, no other gadget — headphones, electric bicycles, literally anything — has improved as dramatically as a robotic vacuum. Hardware and software have improved beyond all imagination (Hello, Self-Empty Bins!), And prices have dropped significantly, to the point where robotic vacuoles are now an accessible, convenient home appliance rather than a statement of buggy opulence or Potential cat car.

We have taken our top pick in our round Best robot vacancies guide. But even though the technology has improved dramatically, this does not mean that they are always easy to use at first. If you are worried then you risk becoming the next Rumba “Popatastrope,” read on. Here are some tips that can help you get the most out of your new sidekick.

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1. Decide Which Vacuum You Need

The hardest part of writing a robot vacuum roundup is deciding which vacuum is the best. We all have different homes, lifestyles and desires. For example, a couple in a one-story, 2-bedroom apartment without children would probably be fine with a much more bare model than a family of five with pets and Legos.

I advise Roborock s4 max As a vacuum that is most likely to please people. But with many children and a dog, I like a lot Romba i 3+ Every 10 minutes or to empty a bin by hand. I know another parent who likes a simple bouncy robot because he runs a vacuum for only 20 minutes after dinner in the kitchen. The robot that your friend likes may not always be the one that suits you best.

2. run trial

It’s tempting, but you can’t open the box, start your new robot vacuum, run for three hours, and expect to get into a clean house. It takes time for both you and the robot vacuum to know what the potential booby trapping machine in your home will be. I always stay home for the first run (or three), to make sure it can complete the cleaning run without a hitch.

It also helps to give your home a one-time before starting any cleaning. Shimmering shoes, dog toys, fringed baby skirts, and ribbons travel the smartest robot vacuum. In my testing, I have found the most advanced series of iRobot, such as Rhumba S9 +, Works best by skirting potential traps. Like vacancies Roborock s6 maxvi If you live in a house with pets or children, they can identify obstacles that are constantly leaving, er, wonders on the floor. The more you and your personal robot vacuum know each other, the better.

3. Turn on the light

Robotic vacuoles use many different sensors to navigate around your home. For example, some of the more advanced models use LIDAR, or self-made lasers to navigate; Others use stereoscopic cameras. These sensors usually work in conjunction with bumper sensors when they run into something and an infrared cliff sensor that tells them when they know a step falls.