23andMe raises $82.5 million in new funding – TechCrunch

DNA Testing Technology Company 23andMe Just woke up Shame of $ 82.5 million in new fundingFrom the offering of $ 85 million in total equity shares according to a new SEC filing. Wealth, Confirmed by the Wall Street Journal, Comes from investors including Sequoia Capital and Newview Capital. This brings the total to $ 23 million to date to 23andMe.

No specific agenda has been set for this Series F round, according to a statement from the company to the WSJ, beyond general use to continue the fund and grow the business. 23andMe’s business is based on the distribution of personalized home genetic testing kits, which provide customers with information about their potential health and their family tree based on their DNA.

While the company’s pitch for individuals is an improvement in health, and more information about their offspring and family tree, the company has both for its own study based on data recently collected in a study, including one Have paid their attention to research. Investigated how genetic markers can affect an individual’s susceptibility to COVID-19, and can also be used to support third-party work – although it emphasizes that the data are only those Shares are shared in composite, de-identified formats for purposes.

In January, 23andMe Confirmed layoffs affecting approximately 14% of its global workforce. The company’s work around COVID-19 this year, however, has put the value of its platform in a new light in view of the cause of this epidemic and the possibility of similar global health issues in the future.